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Window Draperies NJ

There are also many typed of draperies that we design that remain in a fixed position around the window and provide a decorative only function.

Window Draperies are another general category that can be used to describe any kind of hanging fabric covering that controls light and privacy by being drawn across the window from the side. The flowing lines and array of colors and patterns allow draperies to create a strong visual interest point in any interior space. Both the placement where draperies are hung and the way the fabric is gathered or pleated are used to emphasize scale as well as pleasing proportions of a home or work space. Functionally, draperies’ nearly limitless design and fabrication options means they can be custom tailored to fit the needs of any space. They can provide gentle sunlight diffusion using lightweight materials or completely black out a room using a opaque liner. Heavy weight drapery fabrics provide excellent acoustic dampening and thermal insulating properties. Placement of draperies can also have strategic value for interior layouts by separating public/private spaces, hiding unsightly ductwork or pipes and creating storage spaces to keep areas clutter free.

Whether functional or decorative, draperies by far exhibit the widest range of designs out of all custom window treatments, with long and well documented use throughout the world. In every civilized culture; from ancient nations to our digital era, draperies offer a reflection of what we find refined and beautiful in our societies and in our own natures. Our custom drapery designs continue to build upon this artistic legacy, drawing upon on the rich cultural heritage of draperies re -imagined and renewed with a youthful dynamism and passion. We enthusiastically work to fashion drapes that capture a clients own unique reflection of beauty and personal narrative with a distinctly 21st century spirit.

The selection of the right fabric is paramount for a drapery design to be successful undertaking. Knowing this, the fabrics samples available for us to present to our clients are managed in our own showroom location and are selected from dozens of multi-national fabric houses. Currently the number of individual fabric samples carried is well into the thousands of individual patterns. Every material from the slightest whisper weight sheers, shimmering silks, balmy linens, multi-faceted weaves and plush velvets are all available for our clients to touch and experience in our showroom as well in the comfort of their home or office when consulting with our designer. Our fabric library is specially designed to be wider each in and well balanced and continuously updated with equal weight given to demure solids and bold statements. This lets us zero in on each clients own innately unique personal drapery style.

The way draperies hang or pleat and the hardware that they are hung from are also crucial to a breath taking final product. Each fold in the pleating of a drapery effects the posture of the entire length of fabric. Different pleat styles can create a royal formal feel or a playful and carefree attitude by directing
the flow of fabric.

Pleats also serve to gather the fabric folds together and give the draperies fullness and deep 3-dimensionality. Properly selected hardware options are just as essential as the right pleating style for draperies and include rods, poles, tracks, rings, grommets, hooks, brackets and decorative end caps all made to order in woods and metals of all types. Hardware options are meticulously selected by our design staff to match the personality of a project and to assure smooth and long lasting operation. Traditional wooded rods and rings bring warmth and richness from the variety of woods stains and carved detailing. Metallic and matte finished steel rods, brackets and end caps keep contemporary and tasteful luxury styling at the forefront of a drapery design. While laser cut extruded track strives to be as unobtrusive and reliably operable as possible, allowing the fabric to be the primary focus of the drapery.

Top Treatments – from Valances, swags and cornices; these are another design “tool” to make a statement, to add an accent or pull every thing together. Some time used as stand alone, top treatments are wide in range and use. Draperies should be the Final touch in a room. Design them around your interior.

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