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There are countless types of window shades that we customize for our clients, each with its own advantage for a specific type of application.

Window shades is a catch all term for practically any window treatment that provides a combination of light, privacy and thermal control from some type of flexible fabric or material. Our designers take great pride in matching clients with their perfect window shade whether their clients needs center around beautiful aesthetics or functionality and efficiency. Loosely speaking there are 4 major types of window shades, Roman shades, Roller and Solar shades, Honeycomb (Cellular) shades and Privacy Sheer shades.

Roman Shades are a traditionally styled window treatment that provides light control and privacy by lifting and lowering a soft panel of fabric. A hallmark of the roman shade is its soft folds of fabric, which highlights the 1000’s of available and special order fabrics we offer our clients. All of our roman shades are handmade by local craft people and meticulously designed to fully realize your personal style or invoke the styling you favorite era.

Roller and Solar Shades are a minimally styled window covering that provides sun protection and privacy by “rolling” down obscure the window. The major difference between the two is the type of fabric used. Roller shades have a wide variety of contemporary fabrics and several levels of opacity to select from while solar shades make use of toughed fiber glass and performance PVC weaves to block harmful UV and thermal radiation. Custom Roller Shades offer room darkening options that we can install for a client, allowing sensitive sleepers rest regardless of exterior lights and our selection of refined patterns along with forward thinking colors assures that our clients homes stay on trend for years to come. Solar Shades on the other hand provide primarily a performance based solution. They offer the best UV radiation protection available for furniture, artwork, and electronics with specially woven synthetic yarns engineered to reflect and block short and long wave forms of solar radiation. However, solar shades do have a unique visual trait in that when looking out of a window fitted with a solar shade it appears as if viewed through polarized sunglasses, opening up a interior space to natural or urban vistas.

Honey Comb Shades

Also called cellular shades, are one of the most energy efficient treatments available. Honeycombs are built from cells “trapping” air inside and are available in single, double, and triple cell for a higher R-value. Hunter Douglas also make The Architella honeycombs with a cell inside a cell for superior ward wining efficient treatment. Honey combs are available on 3 opacities: Sheers, Semi opaque and Black out. It’s a very easy to operate shades that can flex on huge size windows as well.

Privacy Sheers

Shades like the Silhouette and pirouette from Hunter Douglas offers a combination of a tilt and roll shades to allow maximum flexibility and superior beauty and style. these shades are also available in two opacities: Semi opaque and room darkening.

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