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NJ Window Treatments: Get to Know 3 Types of Soft Window Treatments

Window treatments serve two integral functions: First, they enhance the appearance of interior spaces, and second, they provide occupants with then necessary amount of privacy while allowing proper ventilation. That said, there are actually two primary types of window treatments—hard and soft. Hard window treatments include blinds and shutters, while soft window treatments comprise shades, draperies, and valances.

About soft window treatments

The uniqueness of your soft window treatment relies heavily on your choice of fabric as well as your chosen accoutrements such as trims, tassels, and hardware. To help you decide which type of soft window treatment is ideal for your home, your NJ window treatments expert would like to describe each option to you in better detail.

soft window treatments


Drapes are arguably the most popular form of window treatment. They can be purely decorative, purely functional, or both. They also come in many pleat styles, with the pinch pleat being the most popular.


Shades are basically blinds that are made out of fabric. They mainly serve a functional purpose, as most of these come in plain and monochromatic designs that add little to the overall design theme. However, depending on your chosen color, shades can add a pleasing contrast to your interior hues. Shades are a good option for those who want to have the functionality of a blind but want the softness that a fabric window treatment imbues to a space.


Most of the time, valances are purely for decorative purposes, as you can’t close them to provide privacy, insulation and light control the way you can with drapes and shades. Valances are used to add fabric and color to an otherwise plain-looking window. They come different types, and in soft and hard textures. Some valances are made of fabric only, but there are also those that are supported by a rigid piece of board underneath.

You can find soft window treatments in stores or online, or you can have them custom-made by an NJ drapes designer and installer such as New Jersey Window Treatments. When you have your drapes, valances, or shades custom-made, you get to select the style, fabric, and color that you like, and the treatments are guaranteed to fit your exact window sizes.


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