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How to Create an Appealing Atmosphere at Home with Some Window Blinds

If you would like to change the way your home feels like, accomplish it easily through the materials that you choose for your window treatments, particularly window blinds. Whether it be wood or aluminum, there is a material meant for their particular aesthetic purpose.

Real Wood

Whether real or faux, wood blinds can give softness and a natural warmth to a room. However, avoid using the real kind in spaces with high humidity such as the laundry room, the kitchen, and the bathroom. Moisture has adverse impact on real wood in the long run, because it is naturally porous, which means that it can warp or become brittle when exposed to fluctuating temperatures.


Faux Wood

Faux wood can be an option as well if a homeowner is looking for the same warm and welcoming feel of wood without the high price tag. Faux wood uses PVC, making it more strong and durable. Faux wood is less prone to problems with moisture, making them ideal for use in bathrooms and kitchens.

Although less known, composite wood blinds can also be an option. Composite wood blinds mixes polystyrene, PVC, and other additives. Just like faux wood, it makes the blinds less prone to warping, and can stand humid areas.


Although aluminum blinds can look a bit harsh at times, choosing aluminum window blinds can make a house feel retro glam or modern, depending on how you execute your vision. You’ll find the metal look appear striking in a library or in a home office, making the space seem polished and sophisticated. Even better, these blinds will not bend out of shape when cleaned and dusted.

There are three popular materials for window blinds in NJ: real wood, faux wood, and aluminum. Depending on how you want a room or your house to feel, you can choose any of the three to suit your needs.

You are not limited to just real wood or faux wood or aluminum for all throughout your home–you can have one material in one room and another material for another. At the end of the day, it all depends on the type of atmosphere and aesthetic you would like to create.


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