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A Quick Cleaning Guide for Homeowners to Maintain Their Window Blinds

Blinds are useful window treatments that provide a lot of benefits to a home. They control the light coming into the house, increase privacy, and add aesthetic appeal, among other capabilities. But, like all window treatments in NJ, they require regular cleaning and maintenance to extend their service life and keep them clean and presentable.

Guide for Homeowners to Maintain Their Window Blinds

Your home’s ventilation, air quality, and heating and cooling systems contribute to the dirt, moist, and condensation that build up on your blinds. Cleaning them, however, isn’t that difficult. Here’s a quick guide to help you out.


Vacuuming the blinds once a week will significantly keep them clean. It works on any type of material— wood, plastic, or metal. Just make sure that you’re using a vacuum with a brush attachment since other cleaning material may cause scratches or dents. To clean the blinds thoroughly, close the slats completely to vacuum a larger surface area.

Spot Clean

Though vacuuming goes a long way, it may not be enough to remove fingermarks and dirt buildup. To remove such, wipe dirty sections using a damp sponge. Once done, dry them out with a clean towel or microfiber cloth to prevent water-spotting.


For severely dirty window blinds in NJ, you need to perform some deep cleaning. First, vacuum the blinds to remove some of the dirt. Then, remove them from the window and bathe them in water mixed with a small amount of dish soap. It’s better if you can dip them in a bathtub. After this, dry each slat with a clean towel. This type of deep cleaning should be done only once a year. Avoid doing it to wooden blinds and those with decorative tapes.

Whiten Ropes and Tapes

When white ropes, cording, and tape areas get dingy, you can wash them to bring back their natural color. You can also apply some white shoe polish if washing them isn’t enough to remove the dirt. It’s only a temporary fix, but it can work quite nicely.

Cleaning your window blinds doesn’t just enhance their appearance and extend their service life. It can also improve the air quality in your home as accumulations of dust and dirt in the blinds can invade your breathing air and cause allergies or other health risks.


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